Delivery/Pickup Questions
Does the price include delivery and pick up?
No, delivery and pick up is an additional service.

What is the charge for delivery & Pick up?
The delivery/pick-up fee amount depends on the distance/time traveled. Provide us the address the items will be delivered to and we will calculate the fee. We break down the delivery and pickup fee to allow you to choose if you want to purchase one or both.

Could I pick up my order to save on the delivery/pickup fee?
Absolutely, we are located Leander between 1431 and 2243 on county 175 rd Leander, 78641

When do you deliver?
We deliver the date of your event.
On Saturdays, deliveries are between 8:30 am-11:30 am.
On Sundays, deliveries are between 9:30am-11:30am
If during the week. We deliver a day prior between 6:30 pm-8: 30 pm
You will receive a text between this time letting you know we are on our way. Please have the driveway cleared for easy and quick unload of the items.

When do you pick up the items?
If your event is on Saturday anytime after 9 am
If on Sunday anytime after 9:30 am
If during the week, you may pick up after 4pm for the next day rental.

Could the STAFF (EAs, DJ, Bartender) bring the items rented for free?
No, this service requires a proper vehicle. Requires additional time from the staff to pick up the items from the office, additional mileage, fuel for them, hence the reason this service is not included for free.

Can I pick up the rental items the day before my event?
Rentals are per day, however, at times we are able to accommodate certain requests depending on our events schedule.

What if I need to pick up a day prior in the afternoon?
You will get a discounted rate of $20 only instead of the full day for your entire order.

Why do I need to pay extra if I want to pick up a day prior?
We need to make special arrangements to be able to accommodate this request for you in addition to that the rentals are per day. You may choose to pay an additional full day if you need the items for two days.

Do you deliver to other cities?
Only up to 50 from zip code 78641

Reservation questions
How do I reserve my rental items?
Make your reservation by paying the 25% down of the total amount.

When do I pay the rental invoice?
Payment is due in full a minimum of 15 days prior to the event.

Can I remove items from my invoice if I do not need them anymore after I reserved them?
As long as if 30 days prior yes. Please understand that once you reserve your items, they are no longer available to another customer to rent hence inhibiting our ability to complete other rental requests.

Setup and Breakdown questions
Does the rental fee include set up and breakdown?
No, the fee to set up chairs is 60 cents per chair and $20 for up to 15 tables. The same applies to the breakdown.

Could the STAFF setup other items I rented?
Other than chairs and tables, yes. The Event Assistants can set up the items rented.

Other Fees / Deposit questions
What other fee do I pay besides my rental fees?
You pay a $60 security deposit at the time of delivery or when you pick up the items. It is used to reserve your rental items and is used in the unlikely result of damaged rental equipment. You may pay with cash or check. If check make it to MimiÃâââs Party Palace

What if I prefer to pay the deposit with a card?
Please email your request and we will send you an invoice.
We will reimburse by a simple click-through PayPal. You may check with your bank how long does it take for them to give you that credit back.

Does my security deposit count towards my rental total?
No. The security deposit is sent separately and serves a different purpose.

When do I get my deposit back?
Within 48 hours after all the items are inspected and accounted for. If you rent tablecloths please allow 7 business days to get the deposit back.

What if I only need the items for several hrs and not the full day.
The fee will be the same for the entire day. If you need us to deliver at a certain time and pick up the same day please call our office to ensure we can accommodate your request.

What else do I pay besides my rental fee and deposit?
A damage waiver fee of 10% will be added to all rental contracts. It covers accidental damage from normal usage. The damage waiver does not cover permanent damage, loss or negligence.

Do I get a confirmation call?
No, once you pay in full your invoice that is confirmation of your order. Please consider it done. Please expect our text during the times noted above letting you know we are on our way, super excited to deliver the items you rented.

Do you offer any discounts?
Absolutely, give us a like on FB or Instagram and share any of our posts with your friends or recommend a friend and you will receive $5.00 OFF.

What if I rented from you in the past?
You also get $5.00 OFF for coming back! We missed you by the way!

WhatÃâââs next?
You will be asked to provide your preferred email address, name, and your phone number. You will then receive a security deposit invoice for $60. Once it is paid, your items will be reserved for you. Please note that we do not hold items unless the security deposit is paid.
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